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Our services

Our company provides the following services to our clients:

Document sorting

The unsettled state of documentary material poses serious problems for the management of a company's business. According to our experience in case of larger amounts of improperly treated and stored documents, the retrieval of documents can take for several hours or several days at the expense of the useful work. And not to mention the possibility that some documents can even lost forever. The cost of document storage can be reduced by sorting the documents, too.

Our company undertakes the settlement of documents on the basis of various criteria.
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Document storage

Those firms who have difficulties of the document storage and management, our company can provide document storage service. We offer modern archives for document storage that satisfies all the archives requirements. We take care of the high level protection of stored documents. Our premises are protected by 24-hour security guards, internal and external camera system. Our archives is equipped with independent fire and burglar alarm system. The entry into the archives is allowed only for authorized personnel.

The registration records are handled by the own developed EuroTar© system, which fully supports all activities related to the management of the archives.

Our professional document management service includes the proper orders of documents, the confidential destruction of documents after the storage period defined in the legislation, the continuous data services of traditional and electronic means. We can carry out the handover procedure to the national archives on demand. Our clients can enlist our services by the authorization regulated in the contract.
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Media storage

Fire and security requirement that the IT backup media must be stored physically separated from computer system. In most cases, this is the only way to ensure business continuity in the event of any disaster situation.

Our company ensures the storage of the backup media in 2 hour fire cabinets on a 24 hour guarded site. We also can provide magnetic media storage in magnetic shielded cabinets.
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Document destruction

A company or institution documents accumulated during the operation should be sorted out and destructed after the storage period defined in the legislation in order to optimize the storage costs. Our company undertakes to scrap of the documents at any kind of institution. Based on the actual archival plan of the institution we prepare the documents then we sort them out after the approval of the customer. The process is controlled by archival specialists. We always take minutes about the scrapping.

On the basis of the archival law we put the documents to be transferred to the National Archives into archival boxes. If required we perform the hand over procedure to the National Archives and the approval of scrapping minutes.

After sorting the unwanted documents out we undertake the professional destruction of them. The paper is cut into 2-3 cm pieces by a milling machine with environment friendly technology. The minced paper will be recycled. We always take minutes about the destruction, too.
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Document scanning and electronic archiving

We offer our electronic archiving service to the customers who want to manage their large amount of business documents efficiently using modern technologies, and they can not solve this with their own resources. We use modern high-volume scanners for electronic archiving which allows converting different paper documents (forms, vouchers, mixed paper documents) into electronic format according to the needs of the client. We record index data to the electronic documents for easy retrieval, in case of forms and vouchers we record data in the desired format.

Our activity is strictly regulated by internal working directives. We continuously check the quality of scanning and recording during the work. We take emphasized notice of the preservation of the paper documents and the observation of the data security and confidentiality regulations.

If the paper documents can not be carried away from the client's office, then our company installs the entire archiving environment at client's site and performs the task there.

We recommend our EuroTar document management system to quickly retrieve and view the digital files. It is possible to install the system at client side, or we can provide a secure remote access to our database via the internet.
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Data recording

Nowadays no one should be convinced of the importance of business data and information. To process quickly and efficiently the large amount of information that generated daily in offices makes the company more competitive and effective. The fast computers and intelligent software serve this need more or less effectively in point of electronic data. The significant part of data and information still appears on paper in many cases, however. In order to effectively manage the paper based information it is necessary that the data become available in the computer system. This can be done automatically or manually. Our company uses both technologies to make the relevant information available in computer systems.
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Records management consultancy

Nowadays all companies have administrative activity. The significant part of administrative activity is supported by modern computer systems. To achieve this well-organized processes and tools are needed, which are can not be developed without business management expertise.

Beside the business management consultancy our highly qualified experts can help our clients in every document management topic, too. In addition, we undertake consultations with experts to ensure the organizational tasks related to document management. Our experts are working in accordance with the effective laws and legal standards.

Within the confines of consultancy we undertake to survey the business and document management of different companies and institutions. The review will assess the method of business and document management at individual departments, and the quantity and the quality of accumulated documents.

After evaluating the results of the survey we make a study which summarizes the current status of the document management of that institution, as well as contains a proposal for the modern document management, document storage and electronic archiving in future. The study includes the traditional paper-based documents management, as well as the electronic computer records management.
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Document handling regulation and archival plan

Our company undertakes to prepare the document handling regulation and archival plan of any institution.

The document handling regulation fully regulates the document management and the safekeeping of the documents in the institution both for paper-based and electronic documents.

The document handling regulation is prepared on the basis of extensive experience of our experts by taking into consideration the relevant laws and government regulations, paying particular attention to the information and data security that come to the front nowadays.
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Archival boxes in different sizes

All the archival boxes recommended by us are made from 3-layer, enhanced paperboard, which corresponds to the high stress and protects the paper documents from the unpleasant effects of dust, light and heat.

On special demands we can deliver custom-sized boxes of different quality and quantity. We also can provide acid-free archival boxes for handing over documents to the National Archives.
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