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Our company develops the following systems to facilitate the archives and document management:

Computerized registry system:
Registration is a keystone in the document management of the institutions. Actually we could not talk about document management without registration. The registration is the start point of a document's life cycle. Registration is used for a long while in the administrative practice. Before computers the registration was made into traditional paper-based registry books. Today, this practice is replaced with modern computer supported registration.

Our company offers computerized registry system to its customers, which in addition to the legal requirements takes all the user demands into consideration. Our modern technology-based, flexible, customizable and user-friendly registry system provides all the functionality related to registration. It can be used independently, or it can be the start module of a complex document management system.

Electronic archiving system:
The written material preservation - i.e. archiving in modern words - was a request from humanity already thousands of years ago, as early as the development of literacy. In this way we got form the stone panels to the very popular paper based media, and the long-term preservation of them was serious challenge for all ages. At the end of the last century the rapid spread of computers quickly rewrote the definition of archiving. We no longer talk about museums and archives when we hear the word "archiving", but rather about computer systems and digital media.

Our company offers computer based archiving system to its customers, which can convert the paper based information into computer data, and those can be stored in digital form for long term in this way. The system can accept, of course, the originally electronic files, too. The system provides the quick retrieval and display the information from the electronic archives with strict access rights.

Complex document management system:
The EuroTar document management system was developed on the basis of our 10 year document management experience. The system is designed to make the whole process of the document management simple, easy and safe to the users. The software is developed by applying the latest software development tools, taking into account the international IT guidelines, and also taking account the individual requests of our clients.