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About Us

The Eurodoc 2000 Ltd. was founded in 2000, owned by Hungarian individuals. The company's main objective to provide quality services in all areas of document management. Our company offers its complex services and products in light of the unique demands of the customers.

Our colleagues are professionals, promoters, engineers of a higher degree who have a great deal of experience on the area of informatics and document handling. The company has document handling professionals, technical engineers, supervisors and operators. We provide high-level tailor-made solutions to our customers according to the laws of the land and the modern technologies.

Our products and services are effectively combining the modern technologies with the customer-oriented services. Our company places great emphasis on information and data protection. The closed technology, the careful selection of employees and the applied computer system grant the maximum security of our costumer's information.

Our company applies the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System.

Our company is committed to fully comply with the requirements of our clients. The measure of our activity is the satisfaction of our customers.

Among our references there are a number of large corporations, government institutions, financial institutions, insurance companies, pension and health funds, but many small and medium-sized enterprises contact us to solve their document management problems.